MR. Abdullah Yurtsever makes traditional miniature weaving looms. He started this new hobby of his after retirement and has amazingly developed a collection of looms which consists of a total of 15 looms in 10 different models.

A Story of Miniature Weaving Loom Collection

After his professional work life was over, due to his interest in all kinds of mechanical handmade products, he was led to the creative side of the textile industry and hence he started producing these practical and artful miniature looms. All the machines are made by hand with meticulous workmanship, skill and love which makes them rather unique. The basic machines take up to 3 months to make. 

The most difficult to produce is the jacquard looms; they can take up to 5-6 months. He has also created miniature versions of wooden handlooms, shuttle looms, Dubby looms, rapier looms and jacquard looms. They are not mass-produced, making them one of a kind. There is nothing similar nor even a prototype that can match the quality of his machines. 

For those of you interested in purchasing or wanting to learn more about these miniature weaving looms, you can contact us at the email address below.



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