Web-to-print innovation has launched a significant change in today’s printing practice by introducing DTG printers that have transformed printing processes with increased efficiency. Here is the list of Top 5 DTG Printers in 2020 - 2021

1. KORNIT AVALANCHE HD6 - Approx $250,000

KORNIT AVALANCHE HD6 - Approx  $250,000

Introducing the Kornit Avalanche HD6, our robust, high volume industrial printing machine with HD technology. The new generation printer significantly lowers ink consumption and provides for a softer, immediately noticeable, hand-feel. Get extraordinary quality printing for a fraction of the cost.

Official Link : https://www.kornit.com/k-solution/kornit-avalanche-hd6/

2. Aeoon Kyo DTG printer - Price Starts From $160,000

Aeoon Kyo DTG printer -  Price Starts From $160,000

The KYO Series offers unsurpassed print quality unbeatable print speed and contains the highest quality industrial components.  For added flexibility, there are over 30 standard pallets with a maximum print area of 92 x 98 cm.  With aeoon’s open architecture implementation of workflow processes are easily attainable which will improve on the industry's lowest cost per print. based on optimized ink usage.

There is no better solution to set up or expand a high output, versatile and lucrative DTG production business. The Kyo Series offers you can maximum output, maximum print area and maximum performance!

Official Link:https://aeoon.com/en/portfolio-item/kyo-series/

3. DTG M6 Industrial DTG Printer - Price Starts From $39,995

DTG M6 Industrial DTG Printer - Price Starts From $39,995

ashion panel printing is gaining momentum in strike off and small lot manufacturing with fashion houses and contract decorators because of the ease of the flexibility that a flatbed digital printer delivers. There is no need for a roll to roll sticky belt which means a massive reduction in equipment and manpower costs. 

The DTG Digital M6 supports common panel sizes up to 1100 x 980mm. Fabrics and cut piece as well as multiple finished garments can be decorated at just under 100 square feet per hour with the dual CMYK piezo print head with a minimum 3.5 picolitre drop size for incredibly fine detail through to 48 picolitre large ink drops for rapid production with penetration.

Official Link: https://dtgdigital.com/products/m6-garment-printer/

4. Brother GTX DTG Printer – Price Starts From $22,500.00 to $27,000

Brother GTX DTG Printer – Price Starts From $22,500.00 to $27,000

Since 2005, Brother has been known for making garment printers designed from the ground up. We manufacture our own firmware, software and print heads. Coupled with our specially formulated inks and advanced features, the GTXpro printer provides a powerful tool to help you to grow your business.

5. Freejet 330TX DTG Printer - Price STarts From $19,995

Freejet 330TX DTG Printer  - Price STarts From $19,995

The Freejet 330TX model is the best quality printer in its class as well as the best value. The 330TX is the ideal solution for a start-up t-shirt business, a garment decorator looking to supplement their screen printing or embroidery business, or even a commercial print business seeking to add new product lines.


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